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Z-Balloon Adventures
Iowa's #1 Balloon Ride Company since 1989!

Z Balloon AdventuresWant to learn to be part of our Crew with Z-Balloon?

If you're interested in helping out with local balloon flights in the Des Moines and Indianola area, call (515) 265-2402 for Z-Balloon Adventures in Des Moines, Iowa. We're always looking for enthusiastic crew members!

Regular crew members get periodic chances to fly in the balloon, so the easiest way to earn yourself free rides is to help out. Once you've crewed for us a few times, we'll be glad to take you for a flight. Some crew members have traded in their crew time for flight instruction and have gone on to earn their balloon pilot certificates with our help!

If flying in the balloon isn't that important to you, or you'd just like to earn some extra cash for a couple hours of really fun work in the early mornings or late afternoons, we are currently accepting applicants for hired crew positions. Give Danny a call at (515) 265-2402 for more information. We'd love to have your help.
Email us with your information and contact numbers and we'll get in touch with you ASAP. We periodically send out crew announcements and alerts to our private, secure email list. We will never share your information with outside sources. All information is purely voluntary - if you don't feel comfortable including anything, don't feel pressured.
Above all else, we're out there to have fun. If great friends, a ton of enjoyment and a whole lotta ballooning is what you're after, you won't be disappointed!

Hot Air Ballooning  

Call us at 515-265-2402


We reserve the right to refuse any balloon rides for the safety of our other passengers as well as the people on the ground as well as the pilot and flight crew.
All pictures on this website are the exclusive property of Z-Balloon Adventures®  and may not be used without prior written permission.